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Alarm Clock E-mail
(1976 votes)
Thursday, 21 June 2007
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Alarm Clock
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Alarm Clock
This gadget is a digital alarm clock which provides an animated visual feedback when alarm triggers. You can also choose what sound must be played.
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  Comments (78)
 1 Written by evilos, on 18-10-2007 10:28
gud stuff
 2 Written by Jack, on 27-10-2007 05:42
Does this turn on the computer if its off when the alarm goes`? :zzz
 3 Written by Jack, on 24-11-2007 13:50
 4 Written by bobomix, on 29-01-2008 13:49
 5 Written by john, on 17-03-2008 19:10
 6 Written by Omegared, on 17-05-2008 23:55
:( cant set the darn alarm :(
 7 Written by RG, on 20-05-2008 15:15
Double click it to set the alarm 
 8 Written by A!, on 24-08-2008 03:53
hoooow can i do thisssssssss :? [B]pls answer[/B]
 9 Written by 562+562, on 29-08-2008 15:48
where this dowload??
 10 Written by bob, on 03-09-2008 02:50
cool :sigh
 11 Written by needs gadget, on 20-09-2008 01:59
seems to be ok, but only goes for 30 minutes. Usless as an actual alarm clock. Also it cuts off the bottom words with no scroll bar to read them. :) 4/10[CODE] [/CODE]
 12 Written by Ney Naing Linn, on 08-10-2008 23:39
no. 9 asked that where this download. 
ans: click "This gadgets", you will see how to download. 
did u see this words? :roll
 13 Written by Sam, on 28-10-2008 23:25
Awsome, i've been looking every where for something like this 
Thanks so much
 14 Written by shawnaa, on 27-12-2008 23:46
howdo i change the sound to be played when the alrm goes on? =o 8)
 15 Written by Evaun, on 05-01-2009 04:52
Nice. This Helped. :grin
 16 Written by breyln, on 10-09-2009 22:01
if my computer is asleep, will the alarm still sound?
 17 Written by majorxxx, on 11-09-2009 19:54
 18 Written by ans, on 16-09-2009 17:46
 19 Written by yyyya, on 20-09-2009 16:07
 20 Written by 20, on 22-09-2009 14:39
 21 Written by GoBlazers!, on 26-09-2009 09:08
 22 Written by CDavid, on 26-09-2009 21:42
Will the alarm go off if my computer is shutdown/hibernating/asleep/loggedout??
 23 Written by MsMargo, on 16-11-2009 12:36
I agree with post #11. This gadget is broken.
 24 Written by jjkhii, on 16-11-2009 19:39
 25 Written by ms margo, on 17-11-2009 10:56
Alarm clock gadget is broken. See reply #11 as I had same issues.
 26 Written by Duh, on 18-11-2009 20:43
Look how stupid internet people are. The above person asks if the alarm will go off when the computer is shut down! 
Works great on Windows 7 X64
 27 Written by nobody, on 24-11-2009 01:09
Nope, you're stupid. They obviously meant from stand-by or hibernation. you're dumb *and* arrogant. not a good combination.
 28 Written by tom willson, on 29-11-2009 14:48
still no fn answer if it turns on the comp from sleep
 29 Written by 123maizo, on 03-12-2009 06:10
xau quat 
 30 Written by rk, on 07-12-2009 08:35
@11 and 25 - Way to be lazy. You want to sleep longer than 30 minutes? Use the HH:MM:SS to set what time you want to wake up. 
Why your dialogue boxes are cut off are beyond me (since it works perfect for me), but my hunch is that some display setting you've set has made it impossible to see the HH:MM:SS at the bottom of the dialogue box. You might want to look into that. 
Broken? Don't make me laugh. Works just fine.
 31 Written by Beef, on 07-12-2009 20:23
Your mother gets fingered in your bed by the local milkmen
 32 Written by joe, on 10-12-2009 02:54
it rocks
 33 Written by just another noob too, on 13-12-2009 23:25
:zzz Well installed & works no problemo.. 
to set a alarm double click on the clock & use the drop down menu setting to set your alarm... :upset  
:p To set a MP3 as alarm tone, right mouse click on clock & select "options", then select your file location in the normal way.. :zzz  
It would be good if it could be set for a longer period of time, eg a few days or a week or more in advance.. just a idea...
 34 Written by ws, on 22-12-2009 01:21
 35 Written by eemmee, on 05-01-2010 02:38
good 8)
 36 Written by A1, on 31-01-2010 06:45
for those whe asked, It doesn't wake up the computer from sleep. 
I don't think that any agadjet could to this...
 37 Written by Peter Dimitrov, on 01-02-2010 14:39
:grin god damn this is best stuff for vista! :D:D:D i was with something like that when i had XP but this is better! :D come on people download it! :)
 38 Written by sunny, on 09-02-2010 03:36
 39 Written by IriasYrenee, on 09-02-2010 04:34
wonderfull, you can choose your own alarm sound. really good
 40 Written by vitas, on 10-02-2010 02:57
Nice work you all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 41 Written by nani22not28, on 15-02-2010 12:04
Good Stuff.thanx. 
 42 Written by 45tg, on 23-02-2010 20:39
 43 Written by gfnnhg, on 26-02-2010 17:20
 44 Written by ganges, on 01-03-2010 23:42
i am sorry if i am being stupid. but i do not see how to turn the alarm on though. it downloaded a gadget which gives me regular clock (with no apparent alarm system), cooldisplay or something liek that.. blah blah blah, and not an alarm!!!
 45 Written by grumm, on 03-03-2010 16:43
never in programming leave it to the user to need to figure out something, either the set and enable alarm should be in (ahh duuuh) options or a button should be presented or short of that a bloomin sentence saying please double click the clock to set alarm. 
its a simple program prolly took ya a few hours to write, would take 5 mins more to put a button in to go to the enable alarm, i shoulda just made my own and prolly will, other than that if it was a scchool project id give ya a \"c\" mabey i might be kind to give ya \"c+\" but due to the problem i mention... \"c\"
 46 Written by grumm, on 03-03-2010 16:53
you need to minimum put an instruction to the user in options as to how to set the alarm.... since thats y they downloaded it.... and for them to have to read the reviews to figure that out is negative to you, i suggest just sticking a button in the options to call the alarm dialog, but im sure a sentence would be fine. 
i would give this a c c+ because of the confusion in settin alarm 
for those that havent spotted it you double click the said clock to get to the alarm setting OPTION  
hahaha if your comp is off suspended hibernated, lol no program is going to wake it up...  
lol to turn off your comp based on an alarm is a bigger program than this a you need to save as for any work open which needs to be coordinated with the programs termination process etc etc, if that was programed then i am sure a button to get to the alarm dialog would be present, as that is like a 5 min thing to add...
 47 Written by grumm, on 03-03-2010 16:54
its crrap and this forum blows
 48 Written by puk, on 08-03-2010 21:02
Thank you, very useful
 49 Written by Jesus' follower, on 05-04-2010 00:43
ya, will it turn on the pc when my pc is off while the alarm rings??
 50 Written by tartatalles, on 05-04-2010 03:19
very cool stuff! 
but u can make one that put diferents clocks? 
him load windows clock.. :sigh  
i need load clocks of rome,new york,l.a,rio de janeiro,etc etc.. 
:cry please!!

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