When is a ‘Niche’ really a ‘Niche’??

I have been thinking about this all day and sometimes all nite. I have always wondered what people would consider a Niche Market or even a ‘Niche’ blog. Having read several different topics about what people call Niche marketing or Blogging. I have come to some conclusions or at least thoughts on the subject. Before we get into that, I thought we should at least look at what ‘Niche‘ means is:

“A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing; therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.

As you can see there are several different things to consider when thinking about what a ‘Niche’ is and why you want to cater to those readers.   You could ask yourself is Making money the only reason to have a Niche blog or market?   Well I would say you’d be a fool if you didn’t at least consider the possibility that having a blog would make you some money.    In each blog the money making potential is very different, some can make billions and others can only make enough to pay for hosting and domains a year.   It just depends on how passionate you are with blogging or catering to your Niche market.

Just searching for the word Niche on Twitter can lead to so many articles and people throwing it around almost as a common word.  You’d probably get a headache just reading everything on the subject.  Now I don’t claim to know everything, but I do come to some conclusions on the subject and I’d like to talk about them a little with you.

Is this blog a Niche??

In truthfulness I don’t know.   That is because this blog was created for one purpose and that was just because I love to write.   I enjoyed writing classes in high school and middle school, so you can see where I wanted to talk about anything and everything that is Technology based.   I grew up with Technology and that is one reason I created this blog.    It was an hatch-ling a few years ago and inkling of what I wanted and why I wanted to blog.   After that everything begin to fall into place.   I started to talk about Gaming and Technology news but yet I also wanted to talk about Viruses and Virus Removal.   You may have realized lately that I am blogging more and more and making even more of effort for my readers.   You see I no longer have a job and so I thought it be good to put all my effort into making some kind of money to help support my family.

I hate the word Niche!

Now you have to forgive me if you thought I was going to say I love to have a Niche.   I really don’t, my personality is quite complex and thus far.   Nothing about me screams that I have one and one only.     I really don’t like people telling me to get a niche blog or only have one niche for my blog.   We as human beings are multifaceted and thus can’t be anything but who we are.    I prefer to just sit down and write what is on my time at the moment, In some cases I write because of the sheer enjoyment of it all.   I am always fascinated by what  I see on the web and I still always have questions.   So I like to answer those questions whether I write about the question or write an answer for the question.

I am no Guru or Self appointed internet star!!

No matter who comes to my blog, I always get this question from some people who want to know.   Am I an expert on this stuff?  I have to tell them honestly “No!!“   I also don’t understand how people can be self appointed and yet have no clue about there readers.   I am sure some blog owners know there readers but I would fathom the ones who have quite a big following of people would know everything about their readers.   I am just average Joe trying to make it and survive in the economic recession.   This can be quite differcult for me because I am quite new at understanding how to attract readers.   I am going to do my best to answer any questions my readers have and even talk one on one if you have need help.   My door or should I say you can contact me anytime with a question or comment.   As you can see on my homepage, I have added even more ways to follow or communicate with me, in one way or another.   I encourage you to check the new setup on my sidebar and tell me if you like it or hate!

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