Using speech recognition can be a very useful tool

As I type this up I’d come to realize that I can do this with my speech recognition software installed with my Windows 7 Software.

I’m trying out the new speech recognition from Windows 7 right now and it is working really well. I can do what I have been doing in the past but with my voice. I am not using the keyboard to type this and I’m having such a good time with this new speech recognition is nice.

As you can see I will still have to work on some of the dictation with it because it still hasn’t learned all my talking preferences. I am however enjoyed having not to have to use the keyboard that to write up my blog post. I wanna talk about this and to make a point for people who are interested in the new Windows 7. As you can tell it still needs to work out some bugs, but I am working on it even more. It is like teaching a young child new speech.

After this produced I will probably be using the speech recognition more often. It would just take time to learn how to do what I can with speech recognition. It is not an easy thing to do with Windows 7. The 64 bit system is quite picky but is very impressive. I have to take small steps with this, but that is OK, I learned too much from one experience.

Speech to text isn’t always easy but can be quite interesting. In this post I am talking about how I have done my blog post with speech recognition. I will however, have to go back and spell check this using the keyboard. I don’t foresee any problems though, because it is very easy to figure out what needs to be changed.

If you haven’t gotten windows 7 yet? It is about time, because XP couldn’t do half the stuff Windows 7 can do. I would recommend Windows 7 to anybody who might need speech recognition or language assisted desktop. With a little training and a lot of patience you can do a lot of things with Windows 7. I am using Plantronics .Audio 655 USB Multimedia Headset and it seems to be working really well with my Acer aspire 5739 G laptop.

I will he and his post by saying one word W OW. If you think I am lying about using speech to text, you can ask my wife she heard me do this while she was here. Please support this blog by using my Amazon Link or by using the search menu that is to the side and buy something from Amazon. If you enjoyed this post please consider subscribing to my RSS feed.

Have a good Wednesday, and I will see you Friday.


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