Internet Marketing, Facebook Email, Conan Obrien, World Series Of Poker, NFL Giants Stadium: Your Business Needs To Know About Competition and Comebacks

First of all, let me congratulate myself publicly for winning $12.00 (That’s TWELVE WHOLE US DOLLARS) in Atlantic City this weekend. I had been in Baltimore and decided to stop off in AC on the way back (it’s only an hour and a half out of the way.) So I step into the poker room and got that feeling that every gambling fool gets when they walk into a casino… THIS is MY night!!! And so, I played it cool. Sat down. Got dealt my cards. Threw away the losers. Kept the winners. Doubled up and raised on the sure things. Ordered myself a bottle of water from the hostess. And walked out of there. That’s right. Quit while I am ahead. Now let me tell you that parking cost $5.00 at the Tropicana self-park and a cup of mocha coffee costs $3.00 at the rest area so I really only made $4.00 (minus the $1.00 chip tip I gave the hostess.) That $3.00 went straight into my pocket yesireebob!

Oh – and another player who was NOT sitting at my table won $8,944,310.00 and goes by the name of Jonathan Duhamel and hails from Montreal, Canada. He won the 2010 World Series of Poker. Duhamel is only 23 years old. He beat out a field of 7,319 players and got his real feet wet playing online. Someday when I am at the final table I will tell him that I started up my company when he was 10 years old and have not made eight million dollars yet so he is doing quite well for himself. You can read the full story here:

Poker is not about winning. It’s about winning, and losing and winning and losing and all the while, keeping your eye on the prize, your emotions in check and keeping a straight face. Similar to business, there are going to be ups and downs, good economies and bad economies and well, issues and headaches that come and go. In a poker tournament, you win some hands, you lose some hands. The difference is when you do win, you make sure it counts. Meaning, you can win 1 hand worth one million dollars and lose five hundred thousand, but if you lose a dollar for every bad hand but maximize your winnings, you will come out over the top. In poker, you need to be in it to win it. You can “limp in” with a dollar or two, get to see your cards and then the “flop” and then decide whether to make your move. There is a lot of psychology involved as well as math and decision making. It’s not like chess where there are smart moves and smarter moves. There are no bluffs in chess. The board is open for all to see.

Speaking of being able to see at a game, were you at the new New York Giants Stadium (in New Jersey of course) this past Sunday night? My associate here at SalemGlobal was. And guess what happened. The lights went out. How much did that stadium cost? index.ssf/2010/11/lights_go_out_at_new_meadowlan.html You would think that when you spend $1.6 billion on a product, that it works. But apparently, even the most expensive toys need to be tweaked.

And that’s why Conan O’Brien has his own show on TBS now ( Because he was doing a great job at NBC or ABC or wherever he was, and then he grew a beard and then he gave out some T-shirts ( by the way – the same associate at the Giant’s game also has a Conan t-shirt. Coincidence? I think not…

And finally, guess who told me about the new Facebook email. Yes. Same associate. Yes. It’s good to have him around Everyone is commenting about the new Facebook email. That’s right. No spam. Great filter. Even better than sliced cheese! My favorite comment was that Facebook email is just another email for you to check. But here is the truth. Email for Facebook is a NO-BRAINER!!! Email has always been and always will be the KILLER APP. Everyone has and or needs and email address. And while mostly everyone has one today in 2010, guess what? There are still billions of people that are going to come into this world. And guess what else, 500 million people on Facebook today means 1 billion people in 5 years from now. And guess what else. All of those kids who are in elementary school right now and are getting email addresses can go to Hotmail, Juno, Gmail, Yahoo or whatever. But why not go to Facebook. It seems the obvious choice. Good for you Facebook. May you make the same amount of billions that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are making. I am one proud user.

So what can your business learn this week?

ANYONE can win the world series of poker. And any business can win business. Companies and competition come and go. Salemglobal has won accounts and lost accounts. But we ante up and try to win every day. You have got to be in it to win it.

It’s never too late to start.

You are never too old.

You are never too young.

Winning $12 is better than losing ANYTHING

My SG associate is a really fortunate guy for having a Conan shirt.

Thanksgiving is next week already.

That means Christmas and the holiday season is a month and a few days away so if you want to sell your products for the season, you better get a move on

Did someone say 33 Days till Christmas? Did someone say poker? Did someone say Facebook and social media and email are the killer app? That’s right folks. I said it. We are deep into 4th Quarter and your business can gain a little ground if you do some things right, right now. In addition to SEO search engine optimization, my company helps other firms use social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and all online strategies. Are you sending out newsletters yet? Need help with Internet promotion for your business? We have been helping doctors, companies and businesses strategize online since 1997. Call Raphi Salem at 212-993-5828, email or check out for more information about us. Next week, Sir Richard Branson and Lance Armstrong… Stay tuned

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