TimeTraveler for iPhone App Review

A lot of people share the dream about travelling but for many of us it remains a dream that we never follow through. We all have our reasons, although they usually involve time and money, but more often than not these are obstacles that we can actually work around. All we really need is a decent plan to follow and a trip abroad suddenly becomes do-able. Fortunately there are some decent travel apps out there that help plan a trip in a lot more detail than Google Maps’ route planner can and with a flexible trip tailored around our own needs and preferences planned, those dreams can become a reality much more easily. TimeTraveler is available now from the App Store and it is completely free.

Yahoo! TimeTraveler is a new travel guide that easily holds its own against the competition and it could certainly be the one you are looking for. The price may be especially attractive but do not think for a second that this is just a cheap imitator. First of all, we know that Yahoo! Is a trustworthy company and secondly, this app is really rather good. With TimeTraveler you can create a travel plan using preference, locations and the amount of time you have available as criteria. Put them in and suddenly all your possibilities are presented to you. For a free app, it is incredibly well informed. It earns its name from the fact that it can create a travel plan based on your time limitations, but you can also edit it manually if you wish.

The travel plans in question guide you through all the landmarks and tourist attractions you will encounter, complete with estimations of how long you are likely to spend visiting them and how long it will take to travel between them. You can even choose from walking or driving times for more accuracy, while a slider allows you to adjust which types of attractions show up on the journey so if you don’t like museums for example, you can phase them out of your plan completely.

Most of the cities included are based in the US but there is also a decent selection of locations abroad that can be downloaded. There are already 30 installed when you download the app but additional cities can be downloaded at no extra cost. Each map will show you streets and rivers by default but you can also add other markers for food, hotels and other features you would like pointed out, while reviews for these places come courtesy of Yahoo! Travel.

There are minor flaws, such as the lack of ability to rate places yourself in the app but the main glaring omission is that there are no step-by-step directions and all we have to go by are pointers on a map so it is not quite so useful for navigation. But overall it is a great app that will prove a useful tool when planning your travels and it is an essential app for anyone wanting to explore a city.

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