Mitsubishi HC1600 – Projector Review

The Mitsubishi HC1600 projector produces 1700 lumens. The projector has a 2500:1 contrast that produces a crisp an solid image. It has accurate color and a bright, powerful image. This makes HC1600 ideal for photography, still graphics, and slow moving videos. However, its 2x speed color wheel makes it a bit low standard for sports, and gaming for those especially for those who are sensitive to rainbow artifacts. I purchsed Mitsubisi HC1600 from

Some Concerns Zoom and placement The HC1600 has a 1.2:1 zoom lens and no lens shift. It will throw a 100″ diagonal 16:9 image from 11’11″ to 14’6″, and at this screen size the bottom edge of the image will appear 16.4″ above the centerline of the lens, or about 33% of the image height. This makes the HC1600 suited for ceiling or coffee table mounts, but it also makes rear shelf mounting somewhat difficult without using keystone correction.

Color separation artifacts. The HC1600 is has more frequent appearance of rainbows compared to other comparable projectors. This is partially due to the HC1600′s high brightness, but most of the blame can be placed on its 2x speed color wheel, which is unusual in home theater products. 2x speed wheels are typically used in business projectors, since static imagery is much less likely to induce rainbows than motion video. If if you are sensitive to rainbow artifacts, you’ll want to review the HC1600 before purchasing if at all possible.

Poor performance over VGA The HC1600 shows color performance when using the 15-pin VGA port than when using component or HDMI.It also locks the color saturation menu option when using VGA, which exacerbates the issue significantly. The HC1600 gave a far superior image when using the HDMI connection. You will better use this for display using HDMI connector.

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