The Real Big Problem With Adsense – Why Publishing Adsense Is A Way Of Business

I know most people at this point knows about Google’s Adsense program and how you can earn revenue from displaying ads on your sites. It is pretty much a no brainer way to setup Adsense Sites and if you are rather savvy, you can do it pretty quickly. However how weird it may sound, Google does not like it. Well… at least to a point of their view.

Not too long ago or rather a few years back, I have been building the so called 1 page adsenses sites. Most are built with the intention to set and forget. Thinking of getting each site to make a small amount of earnings I can build up a whole bunch of mini sites and make a bunch of money from them all together. It works great at first to be honest, but this is not long lived and was slapped by Google in a way or another. What’s making money isn’t making money anymore. But thinking about it… is Google really thinking about putting people out of business?

A few months back, Google introduced the farmer and panda updates then yet another one called update called penguin hits the web. Many web publishers got slapped by the updates but surprisingly not all of them got hit.

Why? I’ll give you a simple analogy.

Most Adsense sites are built solely for one purpose and that is to make money from it. Nothing wrong with that, but what makes it bad is that it ranks on the search engines which is believed to be hated by Google because of the thinly written content and site architecture. So imagine searching for commercial products to ease pain, and an adsense site appears. Worst still, the content on that site may be so thinly written and spunned that you are not getting any valuable information out of it. Therefore Google has to kick out these ignoramuses!

But wait… does this mean that if we build sites that provides value we can survive the adsense massacre?

Simple but not contrary to popular beliefs, Adsense is a business and it should be treated as a business at all times. And if you are a business person you don’t play with people who are not serious, you work with the players! Players who are willing to put time into building a business for the long term will thrive!

If you have been publishing with Adsense, building valuable content and sites with authority is the best way to go.

Build an Adsense Empire that serves the world with purpose!

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