The Greatest Apple Shops in the World

I’m sure by now we’ve all visited at least one Apple store. How can anyone resist the inviting white interior with stylish iMacs, iPods, iPads and everything Apple related all out on display? With over 300 Apple retail stores worldwide and growing, you can guarantee that if there isn’t already an Apple store in your nearest city centre, then there soon will be! However, some Apple stores are better than others and if you happen to be within the vicinity of one of them, then you should definitely pay a visit. For a list of the best Apple shops around the world, just check out the list below;

Apple store — London, Covent Garden

Known to be the biggest Apple store in the entire world, this juggernaut of an Apple shop houses pretty much every Apple product on earth. With stylish glass elevators to take you up and down its three full floors stocked full of Apple goodies, you can easily spend a good few hours testing out the incredible new gadgetry they have to offer. The store even has a section dedicated to young children with various playable educational and non-educational games for them to test out. Much like its brothers and sisters, the Covent Garden store has a genius bar for you to take your problematic Macs and iPhones to a self confessed Apple wizard who will then endeavor to help you as best they can.

Apple store — New York, 5th Avenue and Central Park south

This is definitely the most unique out of all Apple stores as it is essentially a giant glass cube! At this moment in time it is the only 24 hour Apple store in the world and it is open every day without fail. Upon entering the cube you will descend down a curved staircase made of glass to an area filled with Macs, iPods, iPads and of course a Genius Bar. It’s certainly one of the more impressive Apple stores out there and definitely begs to be visited if you’re ever in


Apple store — Japan, Tokyo, Ginza

It’s big, it’s beautiful and you would expect nothing less from an Apple store located in Tokyo! With motion technology by the elevators and throughout the stores entirety along with 4 floors of incredible Apple products for you to get your hands on and test out, it has to be the Apple store which utilizes most of its technology in-store. There is even a giant iPad in the window which pretty much says it all!

Apple store — Los Angeles, The Grove

Known for having many celebrities shop here including Tom Welling and Jessica Alba, this Apple store always has the latest in Apple gadgetry. It has a beautiful layout and is the only Apple store in Los Angeles which has 2 floors full of products to get your hands on. The staff is always helpful and you’ll feel right at home shopping here. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, pick this over the other 2 stores.

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