Google Chrome is Fast Internet Browser

Do you perform at least some part of your daily work on a computer with Internet? Do you rely on quality Internet browsers for your business? Do you need a browser that gets things done yesterday? Then you need to explore Google Chrome. I’m typically very skeptical about trying new web applications, especially browsers. Call it what you will: creature of habit, fear of the unknown, or just lazy, I don’t like trying new software. What I’ve got may not be great, but I usually stick to it because I know its quirks. I don’t know what the quirks in the new program will be.
So it was with my customary trepidation that I tried out Google Chrome. Internet Explorer was good enough for me, with a side dish of Mozilla Firefox for my kids who prefer that browser. Then I read a recommendation from a highly respected source, for Google Chrome. I had tried Google Chrome once before. Immediately I didn’t like the juvenile, over-simplified layout. Google Chrome looks archaic without out all the words and labels of other browsers. Where are all the pretty themes and gadgets? I complained.
Then I test drove Google Chrome. What you sacrifice in toolbars, gadgets, buttons and pretty, on Google Chrome, you more than make up for in speed. Pages load and open super fast. Pictures load fast. New links open automatically in separate tabs. No more scrounging for how to got to where I am. Okay, I don’t have as many words and buttons, but that just means less clutter on my webpages. Everything I need is accessible- my bookmarks, favorites, tools and page options.
There are a few things I don’t like about Google Chrome. For one thing, Google Chrome doesn’t have the usual toolbar (File-View-Tools-Options-Help). Most of the tools are available under the tool (wrench) or page icon. Some you can also access by right clicking your mouse. You can customize your own bookmarks bar by dragging the webpage icon to the bookmarks bar and clicking ‘always show bookmarks bar’ from tools. From the search URL bar, you can display on a drop down menu, any website that match your search as green links and black for search terms. This gets a little messy at first, but I’m getting accustomed to it.
If you like pretties, buttons, and gadgets, you can get them at Google Themes. I’m liking my bare bones browser. The biggest advantage for me, using Google Chrome is all out Autobahn speed of use. If you have a need for speed, get your Google Chrome download here.

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