Choosing Your First Android Phone

Android, which is an OS made by Google for phones, has been a force reckoned not only for us users, but also for other well-known OS like Apple, Windows phone 7, etc. Android users add up everyday and more android devices have been sold rapidly….
Let’s move on to the main thing. If you’ve been taken a liking to android devices, then you’ll get benefits that other OS can’t offer such as :
1. Open Source – gt; means that you have ALL features in your phone under your commands. you can do from changing boot images until making themes 2. Develop apps easily. You can learn developing application for android and the Internet has plenty resources for developing needs. Developing tools are also easy to get (Eclipse + SDK…) 3. Android has 2 kind of devices, Tablet PC and phones. This makes even more intersting, because android-based Tablet PC is quite great and powerful 4. Widgets?? sky’s the limits. Adding widgets, and even make one is quite easy.. 5. App Market ?? Almost 90 % are FREE…. you can bet on it IF you’re very eager to buy one after reading the content above, let’s move on to the guides :
1. Choosing between phones and tablets.
Some tablets have limited function (no call making and SMS), but is widescreen and useful for developing or gaming.

2. The right specification.
minimum requirements for android devices are : 750 MHz processor, 256 Gb RAM and Android OS 2.1 and above

3. The OS type.
Android devices nowadays are ranging from Android 2.1 (Eclair), 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), and 3.0 (Honeycomb)
2.x are for phones and 3.0 are specially designed for tablets, although some tablets still use 2.x.
I suggest Android OS 2.1 for your first phone, because many apps work well in Eclair. Of course, you can upgrade it using update tools downloaded from internet.

4. The price.
For Android phones, the price are ranging from US$200 – US$400, and for tablets – gt; US$300 – US$600

That’s all options you have to think about. There are many more, but you will know it from the salesperson explaining the products. This is the basic for buying your first android phones.
Here are some screeshots for android devices :

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