Virtual living tips: How to bring the Live Wallpaper image set of iPhone Xs / Xs Max to old iPhone streams

If you like the Live Wallpaper set of iPhone Xs / Xs Max then this is the article you should read.

If you regularly keeping up with the launch of the new iPhone of Apple, you will probably pay attention to the company always prefers to equip new default wallpapers that represent the theme colors of the introduced iPhone series. And this year, iPhone Xs / Xs Max is not exceptions.

The new wallpaper of the iPhone Xs / Xs Max represents a piece of water paint with orange and black colors. The curvature of the sphere cleverly avoids the apex that is lacking in aesthetics. Besides, this image makes many people think of Jupiter.

If you love the Live Wallpaper set of iPhone Xs / Xs Max and wish to bring it on your old iPhone device, you can do the following.

Step 1: Access to this address (!GM0hTA4B!Yt4EA_rL6OwEyvf0ETZ3H1teuT7CGe3Ms_UHZ6xQqis) and download the Live Wallpaper photo package of iPhone Xs / Xs Max, then proceed to discharge the packet compression.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the 3uTools ( tool.

In the 3uTools interface, click the Photos option and proceed to Import all the files that you have unzipped.

Step 3: Complete copying files from your computer to iPhone, disconnect iPhone to your computer, then access the App Store and download the application intoLive (

Step 4: Launch the application intoLive and grant the application permission to access the image and video data on the device.

Click the video file you want to convert into Live Wallpaper and wait a few seconds for the application to process the data.

The video editing interface appears, click the “Done” option.

Click on the loop selection for Live Photos.

Finally, click the “Save Live Photos” option to save the file. Repeat the operation for the remaining files.

Step 5: After you’re done saving, exit the application and access Settings> Wallpaper.

Continue to select New Wallpaper> Live Photos.

Click on the Live Photos image you just created and click on “Set” to save it.

That’s it, however, Live Photos is only available if your iPhone device supports 3D Touch, ie from iPhone 6S and above.